80’s Drum Beats

80’s Drum Beats

PatchBanks & Sound Co. presents an 80s lover drum library—featuring 244 drum loops composed into 38 beats of various style popular 80’s music. The sounds were recorded–mixed in analog throughout the project and programmed live to achieve that old school phat drum swing found in many 80’s dance-floor hits. It’s all about the clap and snare! This collection is the perfect ready-to-go drum beds for producers creating old school, 80’s funk, 80’s pop, retro, and disco.

  • Compositions: 38 Drum Beats
  • Quantity: 244 Drum Loops
  • File Type: Wav
  • Range: 105-122 Bpm
  • Music Styles: Old School, Retro, Disco, 80s Pop, Electro


Price: $29.95 Reduced $19.95

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