Blazing Snares

Blazing Snares

Patchbanks presents the all weather custom snare collection for producers who like their snares classic sounding, but with a modern twist. Whether you’re new or old school, or like your snares wide or narrowly mixed, this collection has every flavor that makes it easy for finding that perfect snare to match your beat’s tone. Inside you’ll find a killer arsenal of hard-hitting snare samples sourced from original recordings that have been processed numerous times through discrete class A gear to achieve that crunched tube-circuitry sound; plus analog tuning with double and triple tracking for added layers and stereo imaging effects.

  • Quantity: 150 Drum Samples
  • File Type: 24bit Aiff /16bit Wav
  • Music Styles: Hip Hop, Underground, R&B, Pop

Price: $24.95

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