Kingdom Cuts Vol.2

Kingdom Cuts Vol.2

Patchbanks proudly presents Kingdom Cuts Vol.2, the second release of our premier sample collection series containing all new original instrument samples and loops developed for trigger pad beatmakers in search of the latest trending hip hop samples.

From East, West to South — to hardcore, chilled and mainstream style beats — this collection series covers a unique playlist of popular and creative one-shot stabs, chords, sample chops and loops widely used by today’s top hip hop producers. Sourced from our live studio sessions covering a wide range of instruments, including: guitars, bass, grand piano, rhodes, whurly, mellotron, chamberlin, Hammond organ, orchestra hits, bells, vibraphone, trumpet, tenor sax, alto flute, moog, vintage synths, sound FX and much more.

Impeccable quality: Our selection process and recording methods are of the highest standard within the sample industry domain. Every sound in this collection was recorded and/or processed with Class-A outboard gear for high-presence audio conversion with some added dirt and saturation to keep it real.

Don’t lag out on this supreme collection and be sure to keep up with our newest volumes for the latest-greatest hip hop samples available anywhere.

  • Content: +70 x Singles/Stabs; +145 Multi-Samples; +65 Samples/Loops
  • File Type: 24bit Aiff
  • Music Styles: Hip Hop (All styles), Soul, Funk, Rock, Vintage
  • Range: 55 -106 Bpm (Samples/Loops)
  • File Size: 561.6MB

Price: $45.95

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