Audigy Series – Synths

Audigy Series – Synths

Our professionally designed Audigy Series patch collections are the ultimate expansions for Virus TI™ owners who seek the latest cutting edge progressive sounds for their music production. These custom patches were created by pro engineers who have featured their work with major artists/producers, record labels and sound design companies.

The Virus TI™ is an outstanding digital sound instrument which when programmed properly can showcase some of best sounds ever heard on this planet! Each bank we’ve created maximizes features provided on this monster synth including effects, filtering, matrix routing, mode assignments and equalization which in return allowed us to produce the best sound possible.

This bank contains various synth patches including decay synths, polysynths, stacked synths, filtered keys, and effected synths all processed with subtle to extreme reverbs, delays and other effects.

  • Sound Type: Synths
  • Patches: 1 Bank – 127 Patches
  • File Type: Midi Sysex/Virus Control Data File
  • Music Styles: Trance, Progressive House, Electronica
  • Released: April 29, 2010
  • OS V3.0

Audigy Synths Demo Patches

Price: $29.95 Reduced $14.95

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