House & Trance Kicks

Atomic Waves BDx

  • Label: Patchbanks
  • Released: 01/13/2020
  • Quality: Pro
  • Version: Original
  • Genre: EDM • House
  • Format: One-Shot • Drum
  • Compositions:
  • Total Audio Files: 150
  • Download Size: 7.4MB

Atomic Waves BDx is a precision toolkit for advanced EDM producers requiring more creative options when mixing bass drums under heavy master compression. The sound library comes with an assortment of professionally engineered audio samples split into two layers: the sub for low frequency and attack for high frequency. This unique arrangement allows customisation by mixing and matching layers in various combinations until a desired sound is found.

The samples are specifically designed for customizing bass drums for house, trance, and EDM style trap. Included are 50 prebuilt bass drums, 50 sub layers and 50 attack layers. With the two sets of layers used in combination it is possible to create hundreds of bass drum variations.

Each sample recording was crafted from the ground up and finalized by running through an outboard SSL channel strip for some added punch and circuitry characteristics. All audio files are in mono and can easily be stereo-ized by using a preferred imager plugin on the attack layer.

This sound library is best used with software or hardware that can stack audio samples in layers and quickly select new preset sounds.

Track List

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