Patchbanks presents Flutetopia, an all-new original sample collection containing a medley list of expressive flute compositions in the genres of soul, funk, jazz and world music

The playlist contains 20 one-minute flute solo tracks that were professionally recorded in a vintage analog studio for pristine quality sound. The audio recordings are presented as direct in for a natural timbre sound, and special external processing of warped analog tape and choral modulation. In addition, we’ve provided two layers of 100% wet spring reverb and analog tape delay for creating a wide ambient stereo sound.

• Compositions: 20 Original Compositions
• Content: 100 Files (x20 Direct In, x40 Mods, x40 FX)
• File Type: Aiff 24bit
• Genres: Soul, Funk, Jazz, World
• Range: 62-120bpm
• File Size: 1.06GB (zipped)

Price: $39.95

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