Horn Samples


  • Label: White Label
  • Released: 02/09/2022
  • Quality: Pro
  • Version: Original
  • Genre: Other • Music Samples
  • Format: Pro Track • Stems
  • Compositions: 1
  • Total Audio Files: 10
  • Download Size: 72.3MB


An odd lot brass ensemble tooting blends of folksy street soul with a cabaret twist. This sound pack comes with a bus mix and raw stems for sampling or creating your own mix. The recordings have a bold raspy sound with lots of punch on the tenor. It's definitely a fun sample to play with.
White Label is a promotional brand that provides pre-released versions of stock music, instrumentals and audio recordings for professional use. The catalog includes creative musical works developed by in-house production teams, partnered recording studios and professional musicians. Each copy provides a royalty-free license and guaranteed copyright clearance for personal and commercial use.

Track List

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