Music Content Distribution

Apply to join our worldwide production network of professional songwriters, musicians, producers and recording studios.

Access private markets for session work, collaborations and contract agreements.

Launch a catalog brand for digital distribution.

Get your content signed under developed labels.

Professional studio production assistance for onboarding content.

Receive market access to resellers and active buyers.

Simplified income through one managed multi-channel platform.

Personalized analytical reports, sales tracking and marketplace statistics.



Receive placement offers and earn royalties by transforming your ideas into live production.



Develop your own projects or brand label through our network and distribution platform.



Offer your musical services for paid session work or sign commission agreements with developing projects.


Recording Studios

Turn your audio recordings or vacant hours into productive revenue streams.


Data Scientists

Access or license large audio datasets for machine learning research or AI models.

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Creative talent is valued more than ever in the digital age with global demand for quality content growing by the day. Our system assists top talent with overcoming administrative hurdles for content management, marketing and multi-channel distribution.

Submit A Request

Let us know if you're actively interested by submitting a short form request with your name, email and and a web address (URL) to your profile page. We will screen your request for a possible follow up on available opportunities.

Please note this is not a mailing list. Information submitted on this form will be deleted within 90 days.

FAQ Checklist

Who should apply?

Any highly experienced individual, band, agency, sample label or production company that specializes in a specific field of songwriting, live performance, sound design or audio engineering. Session musicians looking for paid work may also apply.

What opportunities are there?

Our platform model focuses on creating long-term value for creative artists who consistently produce quality content. Our established business with active customers and distribution outlets provide easy market access for monetizing existing content or developing new projects. Our managed premium catalog offers increased exposure and takes advantage of new ventures as they come.

What type of sounds and recordings are you looking for?

All styles of music and creative ideas are welcome. Although certain genres are limited by market demand. Please review our catalog to see what genres are most suitable.

What happens after I submit my request?

Your request will be screened for quality before being reviewed by a content manager. Requests that do not qualify will be discarded within 90 days. You can resubmit a request at any time.

Do I need a recording studio?

A recording studio, whether commercial or at home is a requirement. Depending on what you're recording, our criteria for a home studio is a convincing investment in professional studio equipment. Songwriters working with midi or sheet music do not require a professional studio.

What happens if my request is accepted?

We will contact you by email and provide guidance on preparing a formal demo review. At this stage you will be asked to verify information about your content, recording studio and personal information.

I don't have my content online. Can I email audio files?

Content provided by email will not be accepted. If your content isn't available online, or if you want to send it privately, we suggest to use a free audio streaming service like SoundCloud or Buzzsprout to quickly create an online profile with a web address.

Is there a contract agreement?

Yes. Once you've been accepted we will present a list of options for selecting an agreement that's suitable for you. Our agreements are flexible and specific for each project; including cash for session work, buy-out plans and licensing deals.