Suitcase Vibes

Suitcase Vibes

Patchbanks presents Suitcase Vibes, an original vintage sound library featuring analog recordings of authentic vintage electric piano performed in various styles of soulful vibes, ballads, improvs and mid-tempo grooves.

Circa 1970s: The faddish bell-tone piano sound of electro-mechanical keyboards were embedded throughout the music scene all around the world. From movie scores to mainstream album music, these heavenly melodic tones made history and changed the course of music forever.

This sound library contains 55 one-minute compositions that were recorded, processed and mixed in stereo with an assortment of authentic outboard gear, such as vintage amps, solid-state/tube compressors, analog phaser/chorus/tremolo FX and tape saturation for pre-mastering. The mono direct in recordings have also been includes for users that want to create their own FX.

• Compositions: 55 Original Compositions
• Content: 110 Files (x55 Stereo FX, x55 Direct In)
• File Type: Aiff 24bit
• Genres: Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Lounge, Downtempo
• Range: 65-120bpm
• File Size: 1.14G (zipped)

Price: $49.95

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