Hip Hop Samples

Kingdom Cuts Vol.2

  • Label: Patchbanks
  • Released: 08/09/2016
  • Quality: Standard
  • Version: Original
  • Genre: Hip Hop • Boom Bap
  • Format: One-Shot • Sample
  • Compositions:
  • Total Audio Files: 285
  • Download Size: 561.6MB

Kingdom Cuts Vol.2 offers a fresh collection of 285 creative one-shot stabs, chords, sample chops and loops sourced from various sound designers and live studio sessions. The sounds are mostly crafted from the ground up and recorded with live instruments such as electric guitar and bass, grand piano, rhodes, whurly, mellotron, chamberlin, organ, bells, vibraphone, trumpet, tenor sax, alto flute, vintage analog synths and other instruments.

Track List

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