Generative Lo-Fi Drum Samples

Beats By Code v1.0

  • Label: Patchbanks
  • Released: 09/21/2023
  • Quality: Pro
  • Version: 1.0
  • Genre: Lo-Fi
  • Format: Loop
  • Compositions: 300
  • Total Audio Files: 300
  • Download Size: 0.742GB

"Beats By Code" is a modern lo-fi drum samples collection featuring a selection of 300 recordings produced by musician coders inspired to deliver innovative sounds at affordable rates. Whether you're a novice or skilled beatmaker, this collection offers a wide selection of creative drums and quirky artifacts for producing low-tempo beats.

This collection was developed using algorithms and AI to generate full drum beats and combinations of isolated stems. The samples are sourced from an internal audio dataset compiled of modern sounds and archives of classic samples processed with analog gear and 12-16 bit hardware samplers. The result is a versatile sound with a wide range of sonic qualities.

For AI nerds, the rhythm notations in this collection were generated from a transformer model developed by Patchbanks. The base model is trained on over 50,000 MIDI files, and then fine-tuned on a smaller dataset specific for lo-fi drum rhythms.

NOTICE: This item contains unedited audio files generated by code. These files may cause some minor rounding errors when looped or auto-warped in music software.

Track List

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