Lo-Fi Drum Samples

Mogami Drums

  • Label: Linear Acoustics
  • Released: 12/20/2021
  • Quality: Vintage
  • Version: Original
  • Genre: Lo-Fi
  • Format: One-Shot • Drum
  • Compositions:
  • Total Files: 450
  • Download Size: 124.8MB

Designed by Linear Acoustics with its proprietary circuitry sound, these drums have an old school mono tone with random bits of fragmented analog circuitry noise that generates an impressive sub-8khz sound like nothing else. This drum collection contains our best sample selections for producing crispy boom bap and lo-fi style beats.

The drum samples include custom kicks, snares, hats and an extra category with lots of other goodies. An added feature is a set of trimmed and shifted versions for the kick and snare samples. The trimmed version is edited with a clean start point for fast triggering (normal). The shifted version has a delayed start point that provides more nuances for offset rhythm swings. The hi-hats come with two processed versions: high-pass filtered tape and low-pass gate. The extras category comes with specialty samples, sound effects, vinyl static and a variety of audio artifacts for textured layering.

Track List

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