AI Vinyl Drum Break Samples


  • Label: Indie-Artist Collective
  • Released: 11/14/2022
  • Quality: Standard
  • Version: Original
  • Genre: Vintage • Breaks
  • Format: Loop
  • Compositions: 25
  • Total Files: 25
  • Download Size: 67.1MB

Explore new archives of vinyl drum break samples created with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) and fine-tuned predictive models that spit out untouched drum breaks, fresh off the press!

What's it sound like? These samples are generated at various bit depths and sample rates (1990s sound quality), creating many flavors of lo-fi sonics, studio environments and granular noise from AI processing. Additionally the samples are upscaled with class-A outboard gear for added compression and saturation effects.

Each sample pack offers a mixed bag of 25 drum loops with selections of soul, funk, Motown, rock and other widely sampled vintage music genres.

The Indie-Artist Collective label (IAC) publishes expressive musical works created by independent musicians, producers, and recording studios. IAC aims to provide an open variety of musical ideas for sample distribution on behalf of developing artists and professional musicians. Every IAC release offers a royalty-free license and guaranteed copyright clearance for personal and commercial use.

Track List

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