Vintage Drum Breaks


  • SKU: RBCN-V2-STM24
  • Label: Linear Acoustics
  • Released: 04/21/2021
  • Quality: Vintage
  • Version: Exclusive Stock
  • Genre: Vintage • Drum Breaks
  • Format: Loop • Stems
  • Compositions: 1
  • Total Files: 9
  • Download Size: 39MB

Rubicon Drums Vol.2 is an exclusive vintage drum breaks collection containing live multitrack studio session recordings. The session files are recorded from a Gretsch Maple drum kit miked in a medium-sized boutique studio through an analog console and studio gear. The drum recordings have a bright crunchy tone with sonic pallets of tape saturation, solid state and tube compression, filter/EQ and analog circuitry.

This item is a single release from the Rubicon Drums collection series (RBCN-V).

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Track List

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