80s Retro Multitrack Drums


  • Label: White Label
  • Released: 05/27/2022
  • Quality: Premium
  • Version: Exclusive Stock
  • Genre: Vintage • Retro
  • Format: Pro Track • Stems
  • Compositions: 1
  • Total Audio Files: 9
  • Download Size: 150MB


This premium multitrack drum beat is perfect for producing heart-pumping synthwave music. Running at 160bpm with a pulsing kick drum, speedy hi-hats, tunnel reverb claps and a big bang snare — you can hit the pedal to the metal on this one. The drum composition includes recordings from a LinnDrum, Roland TR-505, live acoustic drums and other custom sounds. The snare drum is provided on two separate tracks to control the tone when using master compression.

The RetroMax series (RMX-DRMS) offers premium quality multitrack drums produced with authentic analog gear and engineering techniques used by recording studios and production houses during the 1980s. The key features include recordings from vintage drum machines, acoustic drums and synthesized sound effects processed through analog circuity and class-A studio gear. Each single comes with a one-minute arrangement of humanized drum patterns, processed multitracks and a master bus mix.

White Label is a promotional brand that provides pre-released versions of stock music, instrumentals and audio recordings for professional use. The catalog includes creative musical works developed by in-house production teams, partnered recording studios and professional musicians. Each copy provides a royalty-free license and guaranteed copyright clearance for personal and commercial use.

Track List

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