Old School Funk Drum Loops

Grand Funk Boogie Jams

  • Label: Patchbanks
  • Released: 02/28/2017
  • Quality: Standard
  • Version: Original
  • Genre: Vintage • Retro
  • Format: Track
  • Compositions: 100
  • Total Audio Files: 100
  • Download Size: 660.5MB


Grand Funk Boogie Jams is a rare collection for old school music lovers in search of phat and funky drums produced like the late 70s and 80s era. This collection contains 100 drum tracks broken-down by variations and patterns. Sound wise, each mix was pre-mastered on a vintage console and processed with SSL dynamics along with high-end tape emulators to add a touch of tape saturation. If you’ve got the funk for old school drums, this collection is unequivocally the real deal.

Track List

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