Vintage Organ Samples

Mandrill Organs

  • SKU: FTS-768-MCL
  • Label: Patchbanks
  • Released: 06/04/2020
  • Quality: Vintage
  • Version: Original
  • Genre: Vintage • Prog
  • Format: Pro Track ~1min
  • Compositions: 30
  • Total Audio Files: 90
  • Download Size: 1.54GB

Mandrill Organs offers a treasure playlist of 30 live vintage organ compositions sourced and edited from an exclusive archive of rehearsal recordings and audio noodles. The sound list features classic '60s and '70s electronic transistor organ tones such as the Hammond C3 and L100, Gem Jumbo, Lowrey and other vintage organs.

The collection contains 90 audio files mixed and processed in three formats: direct-in, vintage tape and spring reverb. The recordings have a raw 'as is' sound with blemishes of distortion and minor mishaps. Above all else a superb collection for sampling loops, chords, licks and stabs.

Track List

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