Tape Head Drums

Tape Head Drums

Patchbanks presents Tape Head Drums, a boutique drum collection containing +160 one-shots sourced from live drum kits recorded at various studios outfitted with vintage outboard gear.

The drums have been heavily processed with various smash settings through class-A tape heads, tube compression, solid state dynamics and analog consoles for a crusty punch with high-fidelity sound. The drums are presented in multiple velocity levels for different characteristics, and for creating live sounding drum rhythms.

• Content: 162 Files
• Files Detailed: x40 Kicks, x55 Snares, x41 Hats, x14 Cymbals, x12 Toms
• File Type: Aiff 24bit
• Genres: Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Trap
• File Size: 50MB (zipped)

Price: $19.95

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