Break Beat Samples


  • Label: White Label
  • Released: 10/27/2021
  • Quality: Premium
  • Version: Original
  • Genre: Vintage • Drum Breaks
  • Format: Loop • Stems
  • Compositions: 1
  • Total Files: 15
  • Download Size: 27MB


For any soul funk, break beat or old school hip hop fans, this original drum break is the archetype for when top performance and audio engineering meet. The stem recordings cover a wide range of isolated mic placements around the drum kit, providing many creative options for mix downs. The drums have a 'funky drummer tone with a punchy low-end kick. The file also comes with three vintage mixes for easy sampling or creating faster drum and bass rhythms.

White Label is a promotional brand that provides pre-released versions of stock music, instrumentals and audio recordings for professional use. The catalog includes creative musical works developed by in-house production teams, partnered recording studios and professional musicians. Each copy provides a royalty-free license and guaranteed copyright clearance for personal and commercial use.

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Track List

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