Royalty-Free Drum Breaks Samples | Cat.# BRK-BTS-STM02



Quality: Premium
Label: Patchbanks
Released: 10/27/2021
Version: Original
Genre: Vintage • Drum Breaks
Format: Loop • Stems
Compositions: 1
Total Audio Files: 15
Download Size: 27MB


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Stems List | BRK-BTS-STM02 | 103bpm
1. Vintage Mix 1
2. Vintage Mix 2
3. Vintage Mix 3
4. Kick In
5. Kick Out
6. Snare Top
7. Snare Bottom
8. Snare Side
9. Hi-Hat
10. Toms
11. Overheads
12. Shoulder
13. Room Stereo
14. Room Mono
15. Floor Mic
Drum Kit Ref. #567124

Label: Patchbanks
Released: 10/27/2021
Version: Original
Quality: Premium
Genre: Vintage • Drum Breaks
Related Genres: Breakbeats, Soul Funk, Hip Hop
Audio Format: Loop • Stems
File Format: 24bit Aiff
File Size (unzipped): 30MB
Rec. Sources: Acoustic
Audio Channels: Stereo+Mono
BPM Range: 103bpm
Performance: Drumming
Instrument: Acoustic Drums
Compositions: 1
Total Files: 15
Content List: x3 Mix, x12 Stems

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