About Us

Originally founded in 2007, Patchbanks is a boutique distribution and sound production company with nearly 15 years in operation of delivering content to the music industry. We're recognized by our customers as a premium source for creative high-quality vintage and modern sound libraries. Our content has been featured on hit singles by billboard artists and continues to be widely used by major labels, producers and everyday music makers.

Production Network

Our production network spans across the globe with connections to members, affiliates and content contributors servicing the music industry and creative arts. From professional recording studios, music producers, songwriters, session musicians and graphic designers — our work is developed and delivered on a commercial basis to service our customers' needs.

Quality Control

We strive to deliver top-rated content only. Our quality standards for audio recordings and musicianship reach far above the rest to ensure a consistent branded catalog that meets our customers' expectations. To relieve any doubt, all our live recordings are recorded with professional class-A studio gear to capture and preserve ultra-fidelity sound.


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