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WaivOps RTRO-DRM Dataset For Music ML

September 10, 2023

Patchbanks announces the release of WaivOps RTRO-DRM, an innovative audio dataset that faithfully captures the drum rhythms reminiscent of 1980s electronic music. This release delivers open audio resources specifically designed to support research in machine learning and AI music generation projects. The RTRO-DRM Dataset is the second release, offering 2138 audio recordings developed using an…

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WaivOps HH-LFBB Dataset For ML Music

February 27, 2023

Patchbanks has unveiled the launch of WaivOps, a new crowdsourced project aimed at providing open audio resources for machine learning in music and AI audio research. The HH-LFBB Dataset is the first release, providing 3332 drum recordings developed with custom drum samples and MIDI-programmed rhythms. The dataset presents potential applications for tempo detection and classification,…

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AI Music Content For The Next Generation

October 7, 2022

Patchbanks is excited to announce new developments in sound generation created with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Over the last several months our company has formed a small team of producers and developers to research AI sound production tools. Our latest model testing has shown promising results in creative and expressive audio generations for commercial…

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Summer Heat Sample Sale – Up To 65% Off

August 12, 2022

Shop summer deals and get up to 65% off on select items until Sunday, August 21, 2022. Get big discounts on vintage drum breaks, music libraries, sound collections, premium drum kits, lo-fi sample packs and more. In addition a 15% discount is being offered as a special promotion on all White Label catalog items. Coupon…

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We’re on TikTok!

July 22, 2022

Follow us for the latest news and updates on new releases, free sounds and sales events. We look forward to seeing fun posts and hearing fresh music beats! @patchbanks

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Lo-Fi Percussion Samples

New Release | Mogami Percussion SFX

July 20, 2022

Mogami Percussion SFX offers a wide selection of elemental samples and rarities for advanced lo-fi beatmaking. This exclusive sample library by Linear Acoustic contains original recordings of percussion, household objects and live sound effects processed through proprietary analog circuitry gear. If you’re looking for those creative niche sounds, this collection will save you countless hours…

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New Release | Akoustik Vibes Vol.3

June 27, 2022

If you’re looking to sample rare soul samples and soundtrack grooves, Akoustik Vibes is a premier choice. The third volume journeys through a multifarious playlist of deep organic vibes played with deftly inner grooves in minor keys. A wide range of sounds can be heard on the recordings, including acoustic/electric guitar and bass; piano, e.piano,…

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Platform Upgrades: New Sample Collection Series Playlists

May 4, 2022

We recently launched themed collection series pages for faster product reviews and better cart shopping. These new pages display a full playlist for easy listening with links to jump directly to product pages. We’ve launched three series so far with many more to come. We hope these featured pages provide a better feel for our…

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New Release | Trap Tools Ultra Hats

January 27, 2022

Time to reload those old hat samples for styling your 2022 beats by upgrading to premium with Trap Tools Ultra Hats. This sound pack is fine-tuned for creating trap hat patterns with customized selections of closed, half-open, open and specialty hi hat samples. The sounds go beyond your typical TR-808 hat with processed layers of…

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Free guitar samples

New Release | Free Guitar Samples

January 7, 2022

A collection of 10 free guitar samples depicting vintage movie scenes and other melody licks. These loops have a classic stratocaster guitar tone and are recorded clean as direct in and effected with vintage tape FX. The samples are royalty-free and suitable for producing styles of trap, lo-fi, hip hop and other downtempo beats.

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New Release | Mogami Drums is now available

December 20, 2021

Designed by Linear Acoustics with its proprietary circuitry sound, these drums have an old school mono tone with random bits of fragmented analog circuitry noise that generates an impressive sub-8khz sound like nothing else. This drum collection contains our best sample selections for producing crispy boom bap and lo-fi style beats. The drum samples include…

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Free 808 Bass Samples Sound Pack

New Release | Free 808 Bass Samples

November 5, 2021

A free collection of high quality 808 bass samples by Patchbanks. This sound pack contains 130 highly detailed samples designed with external sound modules and SSL analog gear. The sounds are provided as one-shot samples with various envelope settings from short to extra long decay times. The attack and sub-bass are processed four ways with…

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