Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are your sound libraries royalty-free?

Yes. With a verified purchase order you are granted a royalty-free license and may use our sounds for commercial purposes. A copy of our current licensing agreement can be downloaded from the link below.

License Agreement PDF

Q. Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept payments through PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Crypto (beta). This includes PayPal Credit, Venmo and all major debit cards and credit cards.

Q. I made a payment but haven't received my download yet.

1) Your download will be sent to the same email address used for Paypal payments. Please make sure you are checking this same email address.

2) Check any junkmail folder or spam settings in case your download was redirected from your inbox.

3) Downloads are received immediately with instant payments. If the payment is pending with Paypal, you will need to wait until the transaction is cleared. Please refer to Paypal for more information on pending payments.

4) In some rare cases there may be a technical error. Please email us and we will resend your download immediately.

Q. What are the differences between audio formats?

Drum Kit: Single one-shot samples of a full drum kit.

One-shot Drum: One-shot sample of a single drum or various drums.

One-shot • Chord: Simple one-shot sample of an instrument chord.

One-shot • Sample: One-shot sample of a single instrument, FX or other sounds.

Loop: Seamless 1-4 bar looped audio track edited to a bpm.

Loop (Stems): Seamless 1-4 bar looped audio tracks edited to a bpm. E.g. separated tracks for a song as drums, bass, piano, synth etc.

Track: 4-8 bar audio track played to a bpm.

Track (Stems): 4-8 bar audio tracks played to a bpm. E.g. separated tracks for a song as drums, bass, piano, synth etc.

Pro Track : 1-2 minute audio track played to a bpm.

Pro Track (Stems): 1-2 minute audio tracks played to a bpm. E.g. separated tracks for a song as drums, bass, piano, synth etc.

Q. What are the quality differences between standard, pro, premium and vintage?

Our rating system evaluates every sample library based on the overall quality, production process and sources of audio. Below are some explanatory notes on how we classify them.

Standard: Standard is mostly sourced from computerized plugin instruments and sounds, but may include higher quality sources such as external analog or acoustical instruments. Standard is mostly recorded, processed and mixed within a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Pro: Pro is mostly sourced from external analog and acoustical instruments, but may include some plugin or computer generated sounds. Pro is mostly recorded, processed and mixed with a combination of DAWs, outboard gear and analog summing mixers or consoles.

Premium: Premium is the highest level of professional audio production that is purely sourced from analog or acoustical instruments. This process is overlooked by quality control to achieve the highest fidelity possible by recording, processing and mixing solely with professional class-A dynamics, compressors, mic pres, effects, summing/bus mixers and analog consoles.

Vintage: Vintage is a specialized category derived from older engineering styles. This includes a combination of vintage processing techniques such as recording to tape, heavy compression, tube saturation, gain staging, small speaker filter-eq and high-level mastering. These recordings will often contain some circuity or ambient noise, but produce more unique colored tones and warm analog distortions.

Q. Do you accept musical works for sample library distribution?

You may submit your musical works for a review. However please note we operate on a commercial basis which will require costs for signing legally binding contract agreements. You may also be required to have a registered business or have a sufficient amount of investment in professional recording equipment.

Our submission form can be found at the following link: Producer-Artist Submission Form

For more answers please contact us.