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24luv v1 800px

New Release | 24Luv V1 is now available

January 27, 2021

24Luv is a pro volume series featuring a spotlight selection of melodic late-night vibes in the genres of neo-soul and modern R&B.

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News | Website and System Upgrade

January 24, 2021

We are pleased to announce the completion of our new shopping cart system along with some website performance tweaks for faster browsing.

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phl dk01 800x800

New Release | Philly Breaks 01

January 14, 2021

Philly Breaks is a collection series featuring curated selections of premium stemmed hip hop drum breaks. Each single comes with its raw stems with an additional set of three studio mixes as modern, warm tape and crunched vintage. Each sub-series will be released in batches with a unique drum kit session.

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pnra adn 001 800x800

New Release | Panorama Addendum 001

January 8, 2021

Panorama Addendum is an archival audio production series focused on the sounds of vintage European music libraries, movie soundtracks and abstract pieces. This special series showcases many moody blends of drumless soul, vibes, jazz, dark scores, electronica and downtempo musical works recorded with acoustic instruments and analog synthesizers. Each single release comes with a reference…

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tt ultra fills 800x800

New Release | Trap Tools Ultra Fills is now available

January 4, 2021

Trap Tools Ultra Fills is a premium collection featuring 70 loops designed for styling existing beats with noise/fx shots, drumsynth percussion, whitenoise drums and other unique sounds.

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dxii neosoulv2 72R 800x800 74857845

New Release | DXII Neo-Soul Chords V.2 is now available

November 12, 2020

DXII Neo-Soul Chords V.2 features a divine collection of 25 sample tracks composed of vibrant modern-classic melodies for producing neo-soul vibes and R&B ballads.

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akstikvib v2 R72 800x800 347563

New Release | Akoustik Vibes Vol.2 is now available

October 29, 2020

16 surreal compositions inspired by vintage soundtrack music containing blends of metallic sounds and rich acoustic tones on top of soulful bass and keys.

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lounge grooves epb R72 800x800 7485747

New Release | Lounge Grooves EP-B is now available

October 21, 2020

A groovy collection of 13 compositions comprised of electric piano and bass duets for producing uptempo rare grooves, lounge vibes and chilled house music.

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tt ultratextures 72R 800x800 3487589

New Release | Trap Tools Ultra Textures is now available

September 30, 2020

A premium collection featuring 50 dark soundscapes for adding ambient textures and FX overlays on hardcore trap beats.

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dxii neosoulv1 72R 800x800 1599756122

New Release | DXII Neo-Soul Chords V.1 is now available

September 10, 2020

DXII Neo-Soul Chords V.1 features a divine collection of 25 sample tracks composed of vibrant modern-classic melodies for producing neo-soul vibes and R&B ballads.

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revolver v2 72R 800x800 1598035809

New Release | Revolver Vol. II is now available

August 21, 2020

Revolver Vol. II is a premium sample collection series featuring guitar loops composed in dark and suspenseful vibes of vintage soundtrack melodies. Included in this volume are 40 original melody compositions with performance styles of fingerpicking and arpeggio rhythms for continuous play.

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akstikvib v1 R72 800x800 1596684286

New Release | Akoustik Vibes Vol.1 is now available

August 7, 2020

Akoustik Vibes Vol.1 is a debut series by Henkel Libraries containing 16 compositions and scores for producing sample-based music. This collection features unique live performances hand-played with lush bells, dreamy harps, ethnic hand instruments and acoustic guitar on top of warm electric bass lines and deep minor keys. The masters are provided in two versions:…

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